September 5, 2023

"Just the best people! Great service"
August 5, 2023

"A lot more than just a pharmacy. The staff is extraordinarily helpful. They ordered specialty items for me and had them delivered in a timely manner. Lots of uniquely Colfax items for sale inside. I highly recommend you stop by Tick Klock drug. When visiting Colfax"
June 22, 2023

Colfax Wa

"Those of us that have lived in Colfax are spoiled . They will track down any issue when it comes to the pharmacy they will contact your doctors , your insurance and stay on top of it until solved. When you have you use a box store pharmacy there is only filling a prescription you’re on your own. Thank you Ticks for being a great pharmacy, gift store and most of all your great staff. You Rock Ticks."
June 9, 2023

"Always great folks here along with great service! And after coming in for more than 2 years I never realized there was a ln amazing kitchen section! Great place to shop."
February 10, 2023

Tick Klock Drug